Activities To Do In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great holiday destination with lots of things to do. You can enjoy relaxing on beautiful sandy beaches, go on a safari to see amazing wildlife, visit ancient ruins, go on exciting adventures, or have a romantic wedding or honeymoon in a lovely hotel. Sri Lanka offers all of these experiences in a short tour, like a buffet of tropical delights such as lobster, crab, and prawns cooked in the spicy Sri Lankan style. There are many things to enjoy and explore in Sri Lanka.

The country has many wide sandy beaches, making it difficult to choose where to go. The Southwest Coast is famous for its beaches and coral reefs that are perfect for snorkelling and diving. If you prefer a quiet and secluded beach, the Deep South and East of Sri Lanka are the best options. Sri Lanka is also a great place to see the “Big 04” animals: leopards, elephants, bears, and whales. You can visit national parks like “Willpattu” and “Yala” to see these animals up close. Take a safari tour in a jeep or camp to witness elephants, leopards, and bears. You can also go on a boat tour to see spinner dolphins or a pod of blue whales in different coastal areas of Sri Lanka.

If you’re interested in history and culture, take a cultural tour of the cultural triangle. You’ll be amazed by the ancient ruins that have stood for centuries, despite invasions and overgrowth. You can walk on massive earthen bunds that created large reservoirs and wonder how they were built so long ago. Sri Lanka has countless things to do and explore.

For adventure seekers, kite surfing is available along the southwest coast. The weather from November to April is perfect for kite surfing. Hot air ballooning has also become a popular activity, offering a breathtaking view of the central plains. You can even get married in a hot air balloon! Trekking through the tropical jungle, visiting misty waterfalls, taking a nostalgic steam train ride through scenic landscapes, snorkelling on coral reefs, diving to explore shipwrecks, meeting the aboriginal people called “Veddhas” and learning about their ancient way of life—Sri Lanka offers all these incredible experiences in a relatively small land.

In simple terms, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for a holiday. You can relax on beautiful beaches, go on safaris to see animals, visit ancient ruins, have adventures like kite surfing or hot air ballooning, and experience the unique culture and traditions of the country. It’s like a buffet of different activities and sights that you can enjoy on a short visit.