COVID-19 Notice

We, as a reputable travel agent will follow all guidelines given by the Sri Lankan government and public health care sector to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Therefore we strongly recommend all travellers to read our COVID-19 TRAVEL NOTICE as you plan to visit Sri Lanka.


To Do In Sri Lanka

What’s on the dish, as a holiday destination Sri Lanka has so much to offer, whether it’s a tropical sandy beach vacation, wildlife safari tour, a tour of mystical ancient ruin dominated north central plains, an alluring adventure tour, or wedding and Honeymoon tour to an enchanting hotel in Sri Lanka, and is one of the best destinations where one can do all this with a very short tour, a Smörgåsbord of tropical delights in the way of lobster, lagoon crab, and prawn to name a few, all cooked in the fiery Sri Lankan style.

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