Bird watching In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an island of the Indian subcontinent situated 10 degrees north of the equator. Boasting of diverse and favourable climatic conditions and natural habitats such as forests, scrublands, grasslands, wetlands, seas and agricultural lands. This is one of the best places in the world to watch birds. It is truly a paradise for all Bird Watching enthusiasts. In commonly can be known as birder’s paradise. The activity becomes more common especially around the bird sanctuaries and wetland reserves in the south-east part of the island while the temperate climate is ideal for migrating birds. Almost 200 migrant species descend on the country each year, having flown south for the winter. And its tropical climate, relative isolation and astonishing biodiversity are responsible for the amazingly varied birdlife which comprises more than 400 species.

The bird sanctuaries in Sri Lanka

  1. Kumana National Park 
  2. Yala National Park 
  3. Bundala National Park 
  4. Udawalwe National park 
  5. Sinharaja Rain Forest
  6. Gal Oya National Park 
  7. Makandawa Rain Forest 
  8. Wilpattu National Park 
  9. Minneriya National Park 
  10. Wasgamuwa National Park 
  11. Horton Plains National Park 

Migration Routes Of Birds To And From Sri Lanka

According to the geographical location in the Indian Continent, the land of Sri Lanka is situated at the extreme southern point beyond the south of India. The stretch of ocean from here to the south pole contains no other land. Hence, for the migrant birds that travel south from India, Sri Lanka is the final destination.

There are 3 flying routes across India along which immigrant birds come to Sri Lanka.

  • The western route.
  • The eastern route.
  • The Andaman Island route.

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