Kitesurfing Adventure In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the most exotic kiteboarding destinations in Asia. It is the perfect kiteboarding spot for anyone. It doesn’t matter what you prefer, there is something for everyone; flat water, waves, and lagoons.

In the summertime, you’ll find the perfect kiting conditions. The best season for kitesurfing is their summer season which is from May to October where the wind averages at 18- 20 knots.

In the Winter season, December to March, the wind is not as consistent though you may experience some afternoon winds. On the days there is no wind you can plan other fun activities; this way you make your time in Sri Lanka more memorable.  


  • Kalpitiya
  • Kappalady
  • Mannar
  • Vella Island
  • Arugam Bay

Best time to kitesurf in Sri Lanka

There are two windy seasons, though the main kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka runs from mid-May until the end of September. The winter season runs from December until mid-February/early March, although wind is somewhat less consistent during this period.

Tips for beginners: Kalpitiya is the main teaching hub in Sri Lanka, but the lagoon here is often crowded and the water can be dangerously shallow in parts. If you’re going to be kiting here, note that the wind builds in strength throughout the day, meaning most riders will head out in the afternoon. Beginners may find it more manageable to work on their riding skills earlier on in the day when it’s slightly lighter and less crowded. Alternatively, head down to Kappalady where there’s usually less people and the water is waist deep throughout.

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