Experiencing wonderful Sri Lanka by a Hot Air Balloon

This is a wonderful opportunity that you will get to see the beauty of this Serendib island.

When start flying in the sky the bond with the earth will leave slowly by slowly. Then you will get a feeling like you are floating in the sky and start to see amazing Lanka. Over jungles, over lakes and over the waterways will bring a breathtaking view for that ever last. You will get to see many more things wildlife, beautiful colours of nature, and every kind-hearted villager raising their hands and waving to you. 

After a beautiful enthusiastic journey, you will land in a village and the friendly villagers will welcome you warmly. Your family will get the most fantastic experience.

Safety First

Pilots do not take off the ground if they feel the weather is not stable, this is for the absolute safety of passengers and pilots. The pilot and crew are in contact with the Sri Lanka Air Force from the time of take-off till the time of landing in keeping with the SLAF regulations.


It is no colder in the balloon than it is on the ground. You should wear sensible shoes and dress comfortably.

The height at which we fly will vary from treetop levels – where we enjoy contour flying at low levels to several thousand feet up the perfect vantage point to observe the majesty of the Dambulla – Kandalama area.

The pilot will give you a safety briefing before take-off and tell you everything for a safe and enjoyable flight.

After landing we celebrate in style with a traditional glass of champagne and your pilot hands out your personalised flight certificate

The Best Time to Experience

It is good to visit in the summer season in Sri Lanka mostly it’s been to October to November.

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