Surfing In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a nice mix of travel adventures, beautiful beaches, and full of wonderful experiences. And this island is a paradise for beginners to surf. Surfing is the best way to cater to all experience levels. Surfing is different throughout the year on the island it is deciding whether to surf or not by the rain patterns. 

The most popular destination to surf is the Southwest coast and the most popular place to visit on the west coast is Arugam bay. The waves are not huge but longer and can be fully enjoyed.

The best surfing beaches in Sri Lanka 

  1.  Arugam Bay Beach
    • Arugam Bay is the most famous surfing beach in Sri Lanka which is internationally famous for its waves.
    • Lovely Arugam Bay, is known as a surfers’ paradise, and home to the best surf spot in the country. The gorgeous surrounding countryside and its varied attractions bring you relaxation and enjoyment. 
  2. Weligama Beach
    • This is a sandy village and a great place to surf. Can recommend it as the best place in the South. The waves in Weligama bay are perfect for learning to surf, they are a beach break with small, consistent waves, an excellent place. Weligama is well known for its stilt-fishermen, whose unique style of fishing.
  3. Mirissa Beach
    • Surfing is becoming more and more popular in Mirissa, especially for beginners to intermediates 

The best time to visit 

Sri Lanka has a tropical climate, with two different monsoon seasons affecting different parts of the island at different times. This is a positive because it’s dry somewhere on the island at any time of year.

  1. West coast- From November till the end of March you can surf on the West coast. November to April is the best time to surf in Weligama Bay or Hikkaduwa. The monsoon hits Sri Lanka’s southwest side between May till July, hence the best season to surf Sri Lanka’s west coast is between January and April when it’s the so-called “Beach season”.
  2. East Coast -The East Coast of Sri Lanka will have the best surf conditions from April till the end of October. From the end of November until the end of February the East coast is affected by the northeast monsoon, hence the best surfing season happens on the East Coast between May and July which coincides with its Beach Season.

Sri Lanka is the best place to have a chill and full enjoyment. One of the best ways is surfing which burns energy and it combines a nice mix of travel adventures.

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