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Visiting A Tea Estate In Sri Lanka

Tea is the world second most-consumed drink after the water. Even though so many consume tea in the world, very little know-how tea is grown in tea estates and how a tea leaf becomes consumable. Sri Lanka is the 4th largest tea produced country in the world with 340,230 Tons per year.

Tea was introduced to Sri Lanka by the British as a replacement product for coffee in the 19th century. Tea production is not one of the main sources of foreign exchange for Sri Lanka. The climate in Sri Lanka is so suitable to grow tea and soon it becomes very popular.

Sri Lanka has more than fifty tea estates. Almost every tea estate is tourist-friendly with very few exceptions. Once you visit a tea estate, you’ll be given a tea estate tour including a tea factory. During the tour, you can experience the Ceylon Tea manufacturing process; – from tea plucking to tea tasting.

Tea Estates In Sri Lanka

  1. Bearwell Estate
  2. Dessford Estate
  3. Holyrood Estate
  4. Maha Eliya Estate
  5. Radella Estate
  6. Park Estate
  7. Clarendon Estate
  8. Great Western Estate
  9. Logie Estate
  10. Mattekelle Estate
  11. Dunkeld Estate
  12. Calsay Estate
  13. Somerset Estate
  14. Wattegoda Estate
  15. Palmerston Estate
  16. Annfield Estate
  17. Battalgalla Estate
  18. Ingestre Estate
  19. Invery Estate
  20. Robgill Estate
  21. Tillyrie Estate
  22. Fordyce Estate
  23. Glassaugh Estate
  24. Edinburgh Estate
  25. Oliphant Estate
  26. Uda Radella Estate
  27. Pedro Estate
  28. Nuwara Eliya Estate
  29. Craighead Estate
  30. Imboolpittia Estate
  31. Queensberry Estate
  32. Kataboola Estate (Dombagastalawa)
  33. Windsorforest Estate (Galamuduna)
  34. Westhall Estate ( Rillagalla )
  35. Handunugoda Estate
  36. Loolecondera Estate
  37. Devitura Estate
  38. Henakanda Estate
  39. Hunuwella Estate
  40. Moragalla Estate
  41. Nilagama Estate
  42. Poronuwa Estate
  43. Samawatte Estate
  44. Wellandura Estate
  45. Endane Estate
  46. Houpe Estate
  47. Kiruwanaganga Estate
  48. Deniyaya Estate
  49. New Deniyaya Estate
  50. Opata Estate
  51. Rilhena Estate
  52. Thalgaswella Estate
  53. Dewalakande Estate
  54. Kelani Estate
  55. Panawatte Estate
  56. Kiriporuwa Estate
  57. Kalupahana Estate
  58. Halgolla Estate
  59. Handford Estate
  60. Alton Estate
  61. Fairlawn Estate
  62. Gouravilla Estate
  63. Stockholm Estate
  64. Mahanilu Estate
  65. Millakanda Estate
  66. Bambarakelly Estate
  67. Eildon Hall Estate
  68. Tillicoultry Estate

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