Experience Flying Zipline In Sri Lanka

This beautiful landscape is home to the jungle, tea, rubber, coconut, forest, heritages and more things. This island is a combination of adventure, enjoyment, relaxation. And if you need excitement you need to choose zipline in Sri Lanka. The thrill of the zipline is one of the most top things you should have in your bucket list.

There are 6 best exclusive zip lines in Sri Lanka.

  1. Ravana Mega Zip line (Ella)
  2. Kitulgala
  3. Belihul Oya
  4. Sembuwatta Lake
  5. Nuwara Eliya – AOA Zip Line
  6. Hanwella – Che Adventure Park


  1. Zipline is allowed those who are having required weight and height without any age limit.
  2. Zipline is not allowed for pregnant women for safety reasons.
  3. If you are under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medication you are not allowed to ride the zipline.
  4. Trainers and sports attire are highly recommended. Fully covered/close-toed shoes are ideal.

Required weight and height for a zipline in Sri Lanka


Ravana Mega Zip line

Flying Ravana Adventure park is one of a kind experience available in Sri Lanka, located amidst the luscious green estates of Ella. Completed with its pride, Sri Lanka’s first-ever Mega zipline.

Flying Ravana, having opened operations in February 2019, was a success from day one and since they’ve started, they have an average of nearly a 100 customers per day. 6 months in and the Flying Ravana has easily become a ‘must try’ destination when in Ella.


Adventures ride on a steep and inclined cable across the river brings you excitement. By riding zip line you can enjoy the fresh air and can enjoy the stunning views.

Zip Lining / Aerial Rope Activity (400ft length & 30ft height)

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