Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Sinharaja Rain Forest is located in south-west Sri Lanka. This forest is the country’s last viable area of primary tropical rainforest. Sri Lanka’s tropical rain forest, the Sinharaja is a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. The rarely spotted leopard is the largest mammal found in the Sinharaja Rain Forest. Streams, springs, rivers, waterfalls, leopard, monkeys, butterflies and moths, rare trees, valuable shrubs and medicinal herbs are all found within its green canopy.

Annual Temperature – The average annual temperature of Sinharaja is 23.6 C. Rainfall figures show values ranging from 3,700 to 5,000 in and around the Sinharaja forest.

Area Covered – This rain forest covers an extent of about 11187 hectares from east to west of Sri Lanka. The length of the Rain forest is about 21km and width from North to South is about 3.7km

Biodiversity of Sinharaja Rain Forest

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