Anuradhapura, is one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preserved ruins of ancient Lankan civilization.

The Sacred city Anuradhapura was the greatest monastic holy city of the ancient world and the heart of Sri Lanka. Also named as World Heritage site by UNESCO.

Anuradhapura was the first capital city of Sri Lanka, and it was established in the 4th Century BC by King Pandukhabaya. For more than a millennium, it thrived as a religious and political centre before being ravaged by invaders, then abandoned and replaced as capital by Polonnaruwa.

The ruins of Anuradhapura is the extensive complex of the site which rich with archaeological and architectural wonders. This is the city which fills with ancient golden crumble temples, stony ruins and ancient pools, tanks, wildlife, art and architecture which are highly respected for their religious and cultural value. Which build during Anuradhapura thousand years ago.