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Mirrisa has beautiful turquoise blue water and worth spending a whole day relaxing on the beach soaking up the sun. Simply Marissa is a stunning paradise on the south coast. Mirrisa is an ideal place for swimming.

The west side of the beach is really famous for surfing, diving and snorkelling and scuba diving. Divers should enthral with mini caves and narrow ridges. Marrisa small coral reef is home to stonefish, moray eels, lionfish, clownfishes and surgeonfishes and turtle watching is really famous.

Mirrisa , Also hold its popularity for being the country’s premier whale watching destination. Discover the treasures of Mirissa, both on land and water during your holiday in Sri Lanka

The west side of the beach is really famous for surfing, diving and snorkelling and scuba diving.

Mirissa Attractions

Secret beach

At some point, the secret beach was only known by locals. But due to higher visit of tourist Sri Lanka no longer it is a secret beach. The steep 2.1km walk takes around 30 minutes from the main beach in Mirissa, and if you are walking, it’s best to leave before the peak heat of the day. It can be tough walking uphill in the sun.

Secret Beach Mirissa Sri Lanka
Coconut Tree Hill Mirissa Sri Lanka

Coconut Tree Hill

The Coconut Tree Hill is a private coconut estate with a nearby temple set on a high cliff overlooking the glistening waters of the Indian Ocean and the untouched stretch of golden beach. Located in proximity to the town, the hill can be accessed throughout the day or night; at no cost.

Weligama Beach

Weligama translates as the sandy village and it is a great place to learn to surf. One of the best places in South Sri Lanka to discover a connection with the ocean. The waves in Weligama bay are perfect for learning to surf, a beach break with small, consistent waves, an excellent place. It’s super clean and a great place for beginners working towards an intermediate level. Weligama is well known for its stilt-fishermen, whose unique style of fishing.

Madiha Beach

It is one of the hottest surf destinations in the area. Madiha Beach also boasts of a great turtle watching point apart from its waves, ideal for surfing. Madiha Beach consists of beautifully turquoise blue waters with coral reefs within it. Can also explore a subaquatic paradise and spot some turtles beneath Madiha’s clean water.

Whale Watching  

Between November and April it is possible to spot Blue Whales off the coast of Mirissa along with fin whales, sei whales, sperm whales, orcas (killer whales), dolphins, flying fish, turtles and manta rays. Want to give yourself the best chance possible of spotting these gigantic creatures, you’re best off going between February and Mid March.

Surfing In Sri Lanka


Its beautiful crescent shape, Mirissa offers a sandy beach with both left and right-hander waves. Ideal for skilled beginners and intermediate surfers that want to catch a reef break, the waves can reach up to 6ft. The best time for surfing in Mirissa would be during the months of November to March.

Throughout Mirissa beach you can surf a low power, right-hander near the rocks and a left-hander closer to the harbour. Due to its smaller waves and protection from onshore wind, it’s a good beach to build confidence for beginners or those intermediate surfers looking to improve their technique.

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